Yong Wang PREC*

RE/MAX City Realty

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Cell: 604-805-0519

WEB: yongwanghomes.com

Email: yongwang6436@yahoo.com

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our valued clients, regardless of who they are, with best values in their real estate transactions, either buying or selling.

Why choose Yong as your agent for your real estate transactions:

  1. A representative you can TRUST
  2. A representative who always takes your best interest into consideration no matter what
  3. A representative who is knowledgeable, professional, reliable, and taking care of details
  4. A representative who has professional construction background which could be greatly beneficial when it comes into real estate
  5. A representative who has been living at Great Vancouver for more than 22 years, therefore, understanding local communities from a Chinese Immigrant's perspective
  6. A representative who is equipped with most current real estate related regulations, bylaws, and legislations
  7. A representative who has a good taste in home staging, renovation, therefore, can promote best value of your property
  8. A representative who is constantly investing in advertisement via local community newspapers, professional website, and certainly, MLS system